I love yoga! I truly do. I love it for who it has helped me to become and for how I see others transformed. For a long time, I dabbled in yoga. I fit it in where I could, given a super busy schedule as a software development consultant.

In 2004, after 14+ years of being a desk/airport-jockey software programmer/consultant, I needed a major change. I was making money, but losing sanity. 2004 was also the year that, after much encouragement from the wise-beyond-years man in my life, we got our first ever dog, Seabiscuit. My life was filled with love, but somehow still empty. I felt called to yoga, not to fill this emptiness, but with the simple sense of being drawn to my mat time and time again. Each time, I practiced, I felt better than when I started - no exceptions. I continue to find this remarkable. No other activity quite compares. These experiences somehow led me to walk away from my job, embrace the unknown and enroll in yoga teacher training. These past 5+ years of teaching have been challenging, uplifting and one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Staying active in body, mind and spirit is my path to health and youthfulness. Yoga is the only activity I have found to simultaneously engage and challenge all three of these areas.

In my ashtanga-based vinyasa yoga teaching, I focus on helping students find and respect their growth edge and move safely beyond it.  At the same time, reminding us all to not to take our yoga practice or life too seriously. Hearing someone chuckle or seeing someone smile in my class is one of my great joys of teaching.

Lynne is a certified yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance (RYT 200). She completed the 200 hour teacher training program at O2 Yoga Studio, where she currently teaches. She is also CPR/AED certified.

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